About Us

We here at Jca Insurance Planners are here for our clients. We put our clients needs above everything else. We have partnered and work with over 30 companies so that we will have access to a variety of products and services to help us customize the products to our clients needs. We help to educate our clients about the different types of insurance to assist them in the decision making process. We work hand in hand with our clients and are very accessible so we can be there to answer all their questions. We take pride in providing the best service whether this is your first experience with us or you have been a long standing client. We will go to any measure to make sure our clients are happy and satisfied.

Our Mission

Our mission at JCA Insurance Planners is to assist in educating the consumer on the various types of insurances and services available specifically for the protection of their families and themselves against life's catastrophes. Working with over 30 companies, we are better prepared to serve our clients and insure that we can provide the best rates available. We strive to provide excellent service to our clients by going above and beyond their expectations.